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movement background

My foundation is gymnastics, in which I was immersed for many years as a gymnast and Artistic Gymnastics coach in Sydney, Australia. I consider myself fortunate to have been exposed to such an amazing discipline early in life, which truly created a trajectory for my future. As a gymnast, my particular forte was tumbling. My coaching endeavours extended to schools and sporting organisations where I conducted children’s and adults recreational classes, and competitive squad training in Artistic Gymnastics.

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This experience is reflected in all aspects of my subsequent pursuits, and continues to be an inspiration for physical autonomy and movement for life. I am inspired by movement that exhibits skill and physical freedom.


Movement is fundamental to my current vocation. I discovered the brilliant Stretch Therapy™ flexibility training system in 2014, and gained Stretch Teacher qualifications. A new learning curve followed, which led me to a broader vocation, merged with various expressions of bodyweight movement, including gymnastics and Animal Flow®. In my search for deeper knowledge and intelligent ways to approach physical development and skill acquisition, I also discovered GMB™ Fitness, which resonated with me at many levels.

In 2017 I became part of the GMB global community as a Certified GMB Trainer. GMB has become integral to my personal and professional journey.

I regard myself as a facilitator of change in the physicality of others, with the view that there is always more to discover, learn and share. Personally, my objectives are to align myself with myself, to be kind and useful, and to embody what I coach. Movement provides a path for me to do all of these things and to be a better human animal. I am dedicated to Animal Flow® practice and I am a Level 2 Animal Flow® Instructor.

My movement adventure is always evolving. There are more exciting twists and turns in the works.



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Animal Flow® Instructors Association

Australian Fitness Network

Fitness Australia

Gymnastics Australia


GMB Trainer - GMB™ Fitness

Intermediate Tumbling (plus FreeG) Coach - Gymnastics Australia

Stretch Teacher - Stretch Therapy™

Animal Flow® Instructor Level 2 - Animal Flow® Global Bodyweight Training

Kettlebell Instructor Level One

Certificate III in Fitness: Gym Instructor

Certificate IV in Fitness: Personal Trainer

First Aid and CPR Accreditations