what the movers say

MOVEMENT CONTINUUM, onwards from 2019, evolved from Flexagility which began in 2015

Our plan is to continue with our own practice of the various approaches you have taught us. You have given us a great grounding and we feel confident we will continue to benefit. You are by far the most knowledgeable and innovative trainer we have experienced or heard of. You deliver a phenomenal product. An ending and a beginning. We wish you all the best in Newcastle.
— Marsha and Tony, Leura 2019
It’s been wonderful learning the foundations of Animal Flow under Helen’s guidance. Helen’s passion for movement infuses her teaching, and her classes were rigorous yet fun and easy to follow. I was astonished at my ability after just 8 weeks!
— Kat, Leura 2019
Helen clearly communicates and demonstrates the range of movements for the animal flow foundation course. She is encouraging of her students and helps them engage in the challenge of learning new skills.
— Michelle, Katoomba 2019
We have been attending Mobilise Stretch classes for some time now and highly recommend them. Helen is an excellent instructor who is very knowledgeable and able to tailor the exercises to suit all abilities and or injuries making these classes safe and rewarding to do.

— Teri & Colin, Wentworth Falls 2019
Thanks Helen you have taken me on a body awareness and strength journey. This journey started and still continues each week with Stretch Therapy. I get so much out of these classes; I find them energizing, restorative and fun. Recently I completed a GMB Integral Strength Intro Course and discovered a whole new level of personal core strength and fitness. It opened up what I thought was possible for my level of fitness. Lastly I have just finished the Animal Flow Beginners Course and have fallen in love with this dance like movement practice. The beauty of the animal flows has me hooked.
— Wendy, Wentworth Falls 2018
The Animal Flow Beginners Course was wild in the best possible sense! The course was challenging and encouraged me to engage with my body in new and important ways: the perfect antidote to the limited and repetitive motions that I’d been doing at the gym. Helen, as always, was an amazing teacher. You couldn’t ask for someone more dedicated to helping people move functionally and freely, and sharing an experience that they love. Highly recommended.
— Francesca, Katoomba 2018
Thank you Helen, the Animal Flow Beginners Course was awesome. My physical condition has improved. I feel stronger and more flexible since practicing Animal Flow. Your knowledge and direction have been invaluable throughout the course and I am grateful for your teachings.
— Scott, Katoomba 2018
Helen’s classes are amazing and I can’t recommend them highly enough. The kettlebell class is a great workout regardless of your fitness level and the stretch classes have made an incredible difference to my movement, strength and overall wellbeing. Helen is a fantastic instructor with amazing knowledge and our classes are always good humoured and enjoyable. These classes are a great supplement to my other activities and will benefit anyone who wants to feel better and move more effectively.

— Briony, Wentworth Falls 2018
I recently completed Helen’s Animal Flow Beginners course. The course was challenging but there was a very satisfying sense of improving fitness. Animal Flow combines stamina, strength, balance and agility in creative and interesting ways. People sometimes complain that keeping fit is boring. This certainly cannot be said of Animal Flow; it requires as much mental concentration as physical commitment. The beginners course was a great introduction to Animal Flow and certainly motivated me to continue with this form of exercise.
— Tony, Leura 2018
This kettlebell class is great. I like that Helen mixes it up every week so it’s never boring and my body gets the variety that it needs. Helen is a great, easy going and knowledgeable instructor. And everyone else that turns up for the class is friendly too.
— Scott, Katoomba 2017
In discovering Animal Flow I have found a fitness practice that is engaging, strengthening and is constantly evolving. I have really grown through my practice of Animal Flow and it has been Helen’s professional and personable approach that has guided me. Helen excels in teaching this practice, allowing you to gradually build a deep understanding of the elements while incorporating movements into increasingly challenging flows (routines). Thank you Helen for being such an inspiring role model and teacher of Animal Flow. I’m hooked!
— Sue, Katoomba 2018
Helen, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my 10 week personal training sessions. My main goals were to get strong and feel fitter and learn how to do the exercises properly. I certainly feel great, and it’s given me confidence and its motivated me to do your Mobilise Stretch classes now. Thanks so much Helen.
— Carrie, Leura 2017
The Flexagility stretch class (Power Stretch) offers you a safe place to get an understanding of how your body works holistically. Through practical exercises you learn where your body holds tension and soreness and how your body has worked around a lifetime of physical impediments and injuries to create dominant and weaker sides. The class, under Helen’s instruction and incisive guidance, gives you skills to work through those issues with the group but also by yourself so you can continue the work at home. The end result is you feel stronger, more centred and you gain a sense of how flow and flexibility are so important for physical and mental health.
— Andrew, Leura 2017
Helen from Flexagility is the most professional trainer I have ever encountered. She has the best knowledge of which muscles each move stretches, and is constantly aware of any participant’s injuries or other issues which may mean an exercise has to be modified for them. I have benefited from Helen’s stretch therapy and kettlebell sessions, as well as some personal training. She drives you hard, but it’s all good, and after any session you know all your body has really moved. My back is a lot happier.
— Jennifer, Katoomba 2017
Those 90 minute (Power Stretch) sessions with Helen are not just fun but also educational, as one gets to know so much about one’s own body. The sessions are kept to small groups, maintained at a comfortable pace with constant professional attention by Helen to achieve a maximum outcome for all participants. They are great fun and have helped me to bring back balance into my body which has been aching for quite a while now, well not anymore.

— Albert, Katoomba 2017
As a person who has been struggling with lower back pain & arthritis for the last 10+ years, I was looking for a stretching class to attend in the Blue Mountains (not yoga or Pilates). Helen’s Mobilise Stretch classes are perfect! I am always a bit stiff & achy in the lower back/hip when I first start the class, but by the time the class has finished my aches & pains have gone :) These classes work better for me than taking pain medication.
— Mellanie, Hazelbrook 2017
Thank you Helen for making my sessions with you motivating and energizing. I’m achieving more than I thought possible, correcting bad habits and feeling my body change in the best way!
— L, Katoomba 2017

I started attending Helen’s Mobilise Stretch (Stretch Therapy) classes approximately 6 months ago and so glad I did. Helen ensures you get the best out of the classes. Her considerable knowledge of the anatomy, and her instruction and guidance in the varied movement programs, enables all participants to understand the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ each exercise is performed. I have been amazed at my personal journey, and am looking forward to continuing the experience with the Kettlebell Workout and Power Stretch classes.

— Vivienne, Leura 2017
I would highly recommend Helen as a personal trainer. She is a little pocket rocket, full of energy and enthusiasm and always wanting to help make your experience the best it can be. Totally professional, very knowledgable and also incredibly friendly. Helen is a great motivator and I will definitely be back for more in 2017.

— Tina Marie, Leura 2016
Helen from Flexagility is the most professional personal trainer I have worked with. She has in-depth knowledge about exercise and fitness, and is incredibly organised with time management and programs. A kind, funny and intelligent person - Helen makes it a joy to work out..
— Judith, Katoomba 2016

I have just completed a course of 10x 1 hour stretch sessions with Helen. I was motivated to take her classes as I had a sore hip which no amount of massage was helping. After completing the 10 sessions my hip pain has diminished by about 90% and, thanks to Helen’s guidance and advice, I feel much more aware of my body. Hopefully this will mean I can avoid this problem developing in the future. Helen also referred me to a very skilled local physiotherapist who I have consulted with regarding my condition. I believe Helen’s knowledge and professionalism, and her conscientious approach to her training has made a real difference to my life.
— Gill, Wentworth Falls 2016
We needed to increase our fitness, in order to do an independent, multi-day bushwalk. Although we’ve been Anytime Fitness members for some time, doing our own thing, we decided to give personal training a try. The results exceeded our expectations. We chose Helen’s ‘cardio + core’ program. with 10 half-hour sessions. Helen emailed us a copy of the exercises from each session, so we could repeat these on our own at the gym. The program was physically challenging, enjoyable, and motivating. We liked the variety, with new exercises added to each session, while also building on previous exercises. We were never bored! Helen encouraged us to focus on technique, which helped develop our confidence and knowledge. We notice a definite improvement in our fitness, and as a beneficial side effect, we’ve been concentrating more on health . We’ve booked another 10-session set, confident that with Helen, it will be well planned, suited to our needs, and provide variety and challenge. Helen’s Flexagility program is fun, supportive, and it works!
— Marsha and Tony, Leura 2016
I have been working with Helen for about 9 weeks now. When I first started I was extremely nervous. Being on the larger end of the scale I feared I wouldn’t be able to complete the tasks before me. Not only did Helen assure me that it would be ok but the scales, measurements and my all round energy has provided the proof. Helen is a fantastic support person when needed and 100% pushes you to do the best and bring the best you can to each training session. I also attend Helen’s group stretch classes. These are fantastic, especially after you have completed at PT session as it helps you stretch out. In short, 9 weeks ago I made the fantastic decision to work with Helen and in those few weeks I have moved mountains. I couldn’t be happier with myself or my trainer. If you are thinking about doing it, stop thinking about it and do it. You won’t be disappointed!!
— Jaimee, Leura 2016
I was seeing a physio for back pain that was at times very debilitating. When my pain was at it’s worse I couldn’t even walk on the treadmill, let alone run. I started attending Helens Stretch Therapy classes & noticed improvements in my body. I have stopped seeing the physio now as I believe the stretching I have been doing in Helen’s classes have been very beneficial for my back especially the hip & hamstring stretches and I havent had an episode where I couldn’t move since attending these classes. Helen is warm & friendly & is very suited to teaching. I thought this from the very first meeting. The advice & tips I have received from Helen have been valuable & I have been able to put them into practice in everyday life.
— Karin, Katoomba 2016